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Dr. Marija Kimer, M.D.,MSc.,a board certified obstetrician and gynaecologist, and Ana Grandes ,a registered nurse, are working in the private „Dr.Marija Kimer“ gynaecological office, established in 2007.

Dr. Kimer is a master of medical sciences who has specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology and subspecialized in obstetric and fetal medicine.

She started her gynaecological career at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Šibenik General Hospital in 1981, where she worked until 2007.

She completed her residency training program at the Petrova University Clinic in Zagreb in 1985., and in the same year she passed her final exam of postgraduate study in perinatology and neonatology, conducted by Prof. A. Dražancic.

She defended her MSc thesis entitled Transvaginal color Doppler assessment of the uteroplacental circulation in the first trimester of normal pregnancy in 1992, after having completed training supervised by Prof. Kurjak in Zagreb.

She has published several professional and scientific papers. She attended a great number of postgraduate courses, most of them with international participation. She did her subspecialty exam in 2010 at the Petrova University Clinic in Zagreb.

She speaks English and Italian .

  Working hours
Monday: 14 - 20 sati
Tuesday: 08 - 14 sati
Wednesday: 14 - 20 sati
Thursday: 14 - 20 sati
Friday: 08 - 14 sati
Saturday by arrangement

Address: Jerka Machieda 18, Šibenik


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